My New Camera

I actually didn't really need new camera, but I did want new camera. For months, I had been tempted by Canon advertisement, especially Canon IXUS 220 HS. 

So, I started to make some reasons:
1. My current camera didn't produce good photos (hello.. it's me who couldn't take good pictures)
2. It was so old fashioned (honestly.. I was the one who was so old fashioned not my camera)
3. It was just not cool (Yeah.. yeah.. I just wanted to spend money for something I liked)

So... about 1,5 weeks ago, I went to Pasar Baru with my Auntie to buy new camera. I chose Pasar Baru, because the price would be cheaper than the other places such as Mall Ambasador. I went there at 9 am in the morning, most of the shops hadn't opened yet, so my Auntie and I killed the time by having breakfast at Bakmi Gang Kelinci. 
At 9:30, I went to the shop, asked to the shop keeper and 10 minutes later, I got my new camera. Canon Ixus 220 HS. Gah.. I was so happy.

When I brought the camera to the office, my friends got tempted with my new one. Ha haaahh.
These are some pictures taken with my new love one. I used different programs provided by my camera.

Poster mode
Fish-eye Effect Mode

My friends - Auto mode

Using Color Accent Mode

Miniature Effect Mode

Color Accent Mode

Miniature Accent Mode
Kids&Pets Mode - for Active Objects, my friend's hands were moving when I took the picture

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