Enchanting Land

There is a wonderful land in the east.

A land full of wonders that will bring you to another realm.

The magical landscape with its natural beauty and bright blue sky.

Some wanderers enthuse to explore more and more of its wonders.

In their wandering, they find a serene beach with three shades colors of water. They spend their day to relax, bask and enjoy seeing fabulous creatures underwater.

In other time, the wanderers go to nearest hills and listen to the wind and rustling leaves. Nature speaks soft and tender, they have to close their eyes to understand the meaning.

The land has some hidden treasures. Every wanderer must have a good will to find it.
There is a river with hot and cold water flows from the upstream to downstream. Its water is from two different water springs. The rich water gives sensation to every wanderer. You may dip yourself in the river, and feel the magic. Every time you move your body, you will feel the hot and cold water splashing onto your body.
Another gem is hidden in the valley and located in the middle of the mountain. If a wanderer wants to find this gem, they have to spend hours to climb up-hills. But it will pay off, wonderful sights will mesmerize the tiring wanderer.

Not only does it has enticing and beautiful nature, the land also has  a rich culture.
Some wanderers are in awe when they have a chance to visit an ancient village. The building structure and the ambiance bring them to another era. Every traditional woven that the village has  will tell you a story. A story about deep culture, friendship, pride, love and hope.

The indigenous people of this enchanted land are very charming. Their beautiful eyes are almond-shaped, their smiles are bright. They have a genuine heart and very humble. Give them a wave, a smile, and a greeting whenever you see them, and you will feel at home. 

There is a land in the east that has been mesmerizing many people since long long time ago.
To keep it enchanting for hundred years to come, only simple things needed.
Every wanderer who comes to the land needs to respect the nature, the culture, and the people. Give it love and it loves you back.
That magnificent land is FLORES.

1. Some of the photos are courtesy of my travel-mates: Oom Marcus, Rifky, and Mas Ungaran, a.k.a Ariev Rahman
2. I do miss all of them. The adventures, the chit chats, the laughter, and the blissfulness we had together
3. Last but not least, Ipink, you are truly be missed. I am so lucky to have a chance to traveling with you and the awesome wanderers.

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