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Cradle and AllCradle and All by James Patterson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I bought this book last Sunday. It was a second-hand book with good condition. I didn't plan to buy this book, cause actually i was only interested in this book because the book store is the one and only second-hand book store in that mall. But, i still remember James Patterson. And I still remember Alex Cross, the charismatic detective in his books.
So I grabbed this book, started reading it when I got home and beyond my expectation, I got hooked with this book. Maybe because the plot, maybe because the theme or maybe because it's James Patterson.

The story is about 2 virgin girls in 2 different countries who got pregnant. So Vatican send its priest to investigate the situation. And also a Cardinal hires a PI, Anne which used to be a nun.
A priest from Rome had a clue from Pope, one girl bear Savior and other girl bear Satan.
And both virgins are pretty and seem innocent.

Twisted ending, rapid fire plot. interesting. The other reason I wont get disappointed for this book because I bought it only for Rp 30.000,-. Real deal!!! :)

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