Fly Me To Japan - part 2

Day 3 - Bye Kyoto, Hello Hakone

Hakone is located near Tokyo. Well, if you see it on map. Based on that information about Hakone, we decided to go to Tokyo first using Shinkansen, put our luggage in our hotel in Tokyo, and took another Shinkansen to go to Hakone. I had reserved room for all of us in one particular hostel somewhere in Gora which I really didn't know where the exact place was.That day, really really really consumed our time to reach our hostel by using different types of transportation. Shinkansen, another train, another train (again), and cable train.

Hakone Pass 4000 Yen for 2 days. You can buy it in Odawara Station

Due to change from one train to other train and this train was soooo slow, these two tourists from Thailand always asked us 'Are we there yet?' 

Our tired faces. And hungry. And didn't know where the hostel was located. 
My dinner, smoke egg. Bought it at Gora Station
After long and winding road, finally we found the place. There's doubt in my mind that the place would be awful and had prepared for the worst since morning. But heyy... the hostel is very cozy, warm, neat and very clean. Love it love it love it.
The hostel keeper asked us to take yukata prepared by the hostel and to wear it in our room. He also gave us instruction to prepare the futon and how to use private onsen. Yes, it is traditional hostel, and yes, they have 2 private onsen that we can use anytime.
Happy faces after inspecting the room

Sleep using futon

Before using onsen, you have to clean up your body. Just take shower for a minute.

Enjoy the onsen for 15 minutes. It will make you dizzy if you stay too long

Put your belonging in the basket

You may use all of these
Day 4 - Enjoy Hakone

New day, sunny day, the weather was good, our moods were good. We were ready to rock Hakone. Our plan was to take cruise to Lake Ashi and just do sightseeing around Hakone.
The legendary Mount Fuji. Covered by cloud all daaaaayyyyy.

Yes, you got to take this ropeway...

And took a boat.....

To get here...

Bright sky, yellow leaves, pretty day.

Entering the museum show

Prison in Edo Era.

The view from the top

Back to Tokyo. Using 7 types of transportation

Where's the Train Man????
Finally heading back to Tokyo. Hungry, tired and longing for a proper bedroom.

-to be continued-

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