Expect the Unexpected

It's true. That's how I feel and what I have to do. Be anticipated and be flexible about anything anytime and be ready. ALWAYS. Especially while I am working with difficult person. Explain me about difficult. Yeah yeah.. one of my friend can be categorized as difficult person. Never care about others, don't wanna know about others' needs, makes a move recklessly and doesn't have accountability of her/his own. It's so nyebelin.

It happened recently. And what happened to me? I had to show my poker face to others. Be professional. But it's a burden for me. Sooo nyebelin. Many phone calls, text messages, emails, chit chats to cover what my friend had done, to fix the chaos, to stabilize the condition. Beuh.. tiring!

Learning point: don't be a trouble for your friends.

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