Today, an old friend whom I haven't seen for years reached me through FB, asking to be my friend.
I approved her request instantly and couldn't resist to check her timeline.
I felt overwhelmed when I saw that she still kept her appreciation cards from her friends including from me.

And, the next hours, she messaged me. Asking my condition. I am glad to get connected again with her. She's such a wonderful person.

What really hit me was when she asked whether I still like to write. My answer was 'Yes, I'm trying to keep writing though many times I fails.'

Out of sudden, she sent me a picture of my appreciation card for her which I wrote in that card I was inspired by her and wanted to write more often.

That's really a reminder for me to keep continuing what I like doing. To write, eventhough I know that I'm far from perfect, and it's still a long long journey to prove I'm a good writer.

She told me that she wanted to know my commitment. Ah, yes. Definetely, what I wrote to her was my commitment. No.. it is still my commitment.
I have to fulfill what I have started years ago.

Thanks Mbak, you ignite my fire to write. :)

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