Traffic Jam

What's good with traffic jam?
Well, surprisingly i found plenty good things.
Here they are:
1. You can withdraw yourself. Be at peace, be with yourself alone, reflect all things had happened to you. You are in such a quite moment. Well unless you are trapped with many other people.
2. You can be an observant. About anything. The weather, people, cars, road. Anything....
3. Practice your singing skill. If you drive by yourself, you are able to sing as loud as you can without disturbing others
4. Even you can enhance your skill to do make-up... manage balance and use the eyeliner carefully and put eye shadow while driving car. Seeeee we realllyyy need more and more practice to master the make-up. Doing those things while you are driving will be a scary yet exciting practice :)
5. You can write and post in your blog, tumblr, FB, anything. 

Actually it's just the matter of point of view. You are already given time. It's up to you how you use it. Turn it to be a good time or bad time. You decide!!!

-the curly-
In the middle of traffic jam

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