Fly Me to Japan - Part 3

Day 5 to 7 Time to Get Serious(ly) Fun in Tokyo and Odaiba

After spending days in Kyoto and Hakone, I felt little bit dizzy when I first arrived in Tokyo, especially walking down the station. Hundreds, no, I thought, thousands people walked with the same pace to different direction, serious expression, black suites, umbrellas. Suddenly, at that point, I missed Kyoto and Hakone so much.
We stayed in Shinagawa Prince Hotel in front of the Shinagawa station. My room faced the hectic Shinagawa station, and the sound of the trains became my lullaby every night.

Tokyo in the morning from my room.
Ginza district. Buy nothing due to the high price.
Asakusa Temple in Tokyo, still my favorite place to shop in this town. :)
We went to Odaiba mainly to see Gundam! Ha..
My poor phone camera couldn't capture the night beauty in Odaiba

It's Gundam, baby!!!!
We couldn't make to Tokyo Tower, Shibuya and other places due to limited time. But, I personally enjoyed every minute in Tokyo.

Back to our hotel, I found interesting place. A white chapel!!! Beautiful chapel inside the hotel. Maybe it's for people who want to get married and throw the celebration at the same place.
Beneath the floor is hundreds of white roses. Dramatic entrance for a bride.

Before I end my post about Japan, here are some fun facts about Japan:
1. Despite the cold weather and autumn season, every restaurant (big or small one) always offers cold water, cold ocha, cold drinks. And we, Indonesian people, tend to have hot water, hot tea, hot drinks.
2. Kyoto has so many temples and shrines, old buildings, Japanese house (ryokan). And the tourists in Kyoto? Elder Japanese people with high spirit. Hands down....
3. Ice cream everywhere though it's very cold and rainy.
4. When you're in the bus or train and you want to offer your seat to elder one, you have to offer them three times. If not, they will refuse your offer with smile and say 'arigatou'.

Japan always has special place in my heart. I still want to explore more in Tokyo and other cities.
Next time, baby, I'll be back.... Well, in Japanese I will say 'mata ne...'

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