Small Act

Have you ever thought that you have power to change something, someone or some situation? Well, actually you have.. You might be able to change something, you can persuade someone to change him/herself. Even you can change a situation to be better.

Maybe you ask, 'but how?'.

Simple. Just do small act of kindness to someone. You must do that act genuinely. Randomly, regularly, frequently. You won't get direct results but believe me, there will be good results. 

Sometimes we don't realize that our acts toward others impact their lives. Maybe we have forgotten what we had said and done, but to some people, they remember and put our words and acts seriously. 

It happened to me. As a random girl, I rarely remember what I have done or said to others. And time goes by. When I met again with that person, or had chat with my friend, they came up with the talk that they did something nice and good because of me. Because of something i've said or done. It did surprise me. Because most of the time I didn't talk and do something seriously. Even sometimes, they want to buy something or do something because they simply just saw me doing that. Weird..

So.. becareful with your words and acts. You can raise people or make them down as well.

Be kind, say kind, act kind. Be good, for others. This is also a warning for me to do gentle to others. Small acts every day. :)

-the curly-

Boarding Room, Makassar

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