What My Life Would Be If I Never Know TV?

Hmmm let me see.. What my life would be if i never know TV?
1. I will be thinner and slimmer, because i will spend my leisure time to do exercise
2. I will be gossiping more often with my friends
3. Don't know the good and bad news happened around the globe
4. Become a young geek woman i guess
5. Never download new songs from internet
6. Never download 'So You Think You Can Dance' routines from you tube
7. Never know Kick Andy
8. What is Glee? What is NCIS? What is Red Carpet Moment in E! News?
9. Know nothing when people talking about Opera Van Java
10. Wondering why teens are so crazy with Justin Bieber? Who is s/he? What is s/he?
11. My brain getting smaller and smaller (maybe)
12. I will sleep more than 8 hours a day
13. I will read more books
14. Sinetron.. is it food??
15. No bills from Indovision haha...
16. I will never know how cute a meercat can be

So do i need TV???

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