Deadline and Me

I understand completely  that many times I need some pressure and deadline to get things done. What kind of things? Simple things like this, writing something!

I like writing, I have so many ideas in my brain, but I rarely put my ideas into words.
You may call me a lazy sloth. I am.

But, it's a different story when I have  a deadline. It  gives me pressure and I am an  I-have-to-finish-my-work-before-deadline type of person. That gives me such motivation to finish what I try to do.

Recently, I said yes to be a volunteer in writing a short story for children. It should be an inspiring children story. Oh My God, after I said yes, I was in regret. Because I didn’t have any idea to write.

Well, to be honest, finally, the deadline saved me. Thinking that I had made a promise to other person gave me an urge feeling to be more creative. It gave me a little push to start writing something.

And I did. I finished the story in two days. Wooohoooo.. That’s really a record.
From absolutely have no ideas to okay I have an idea then to finally put the ideas into a story.

Yihaaaa... this is my second story I'd ever written
All in all, what I have done lately gives me confident to create more stories and to write more. To write about anything.

I just need a little push. Who wants to give me deadline?????

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