Hello 2017

Hi, happy New Year 2017.
A new year has come. A new day has begun.

So, what am I doing right now? Writing down new resolutions? Beeeuhhh, based on my previous experiences, any resolutions that I'd ever made never lasted long.
Think out loud about my resolutions, it comes up that I never put 'my passion, my willingness, my desire' to live up those I made before. And it took only a few months after January, all the resolutions become mainly dreams and wishful thinking.

I prefer to do different approach this year.
I have written down what I want to do, where I would go, things I want to accomplish in 2017 in December 2016. The lists may look the same. But the main different is I put my attitude in every single thing I want to do and would go. I put my pray and my will, my guts and my passion, my desire in every list.

Not waiting for 2017 to come, I have tried to start doing my list since Christmas. It is me and only me who become my main hindrance, major obstacle that would put me away from my resolutions and my dreams.

So, change my attitude and do actions. Small actions, precisely. I believe all will come into places.
Just wish me luck.


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