Fly Me to Japan - part 1

Japan.. oh Japan... My heart skips a beat every time I think of Japan. Three days in Japan are not enough, a week in Japan is not enough. There are so many places to see, so many fabulous thing to do, so many many good things I want to experience by myself.

I send my pray to God, that someday I'll be back again to Japan. Beautiful country that is rich in culture, picturesque landscape, warm and helpful people.
At the moment, here are the pictures my friends and I took while we were in Kyoto, Hakone, Odaiba and Tokyo.

We used Shinkansen (the bullet train) to travel between cities.
It's not cheap but it's worth every penny we spent.

We bought Japan Rail Pass in Indonesia for 7-day-trip, got the receipt and exchanged the receipt in the counter in Haneda.It also covered JR lines within the period, so every time we used Shinkansen or JR lines we just showed the ticket to the officer and they would let us pass. Easy and very convenient. 
We also rented pocket wi-fi even though our host in Kyoto provided us one, because I want to ensure all of us have easy access since we arrived in Haneda. And it was my best decision ever.
You can buy the ticket and rent the pocket wi-fi in here.

You have to line up in front of the carriage number stated in the ticket.
Firstly, you must reserve the seat in Shinkansen office.

The train was so faaaast that it was very difficult to capture.

Enjoy Kyoto chicken satay, cost you only 100 Yen. Deliciooouusss...

Okonomiyaki in front of our hostel.

It's mine...!! Can't believe that size is for one person.

We stayed in a hostel owned by young man named Ryo. He is a good host, funny, very very helpful and eager to share many information to us. About the bus, the good places in Kyoto, even the supermarket near our hostel. How did I get this hostel? I used this.
Tea ceremony by our host, Ryo. I was in awe...

Japan signature pose!

Even there's a proper way to handle the tea bowl.
Day 1 in Kyoto

Enjoy the Philosopher's Walk and Ginkaku-ji Temple. Spend lots of money to buy tons of souvenirs near the temple.

Philosopher's Walk

Ginkaku-ji Temple. Rain all day didn't stop us to enjoy the day.
No words can describe the beauty of momiji (maple leaves) in autumn. 


Actually in the evening, we went to Gion to see Geisha with our own eyes. Yes, we did see Geisha but couldn't take picture any of them. They walked so fast though they wore kimono. 

Day 2 in Kyoto

Ryo suggested us to buy Kyoto City Bus. It was a one day pass to travel with the bus around Kyoto. We bought it directly from the bus driver for 400 yen. Not bad at all, we can use it all day....

My mighty ticket
 We went to Arashiyama to see the magical bamboo grove. Neither we knew, the location is so faaar away from our hostel. It took us almost 2 hours bus-ride. But the journey paid of.

It was sunny day yet so coooldddd...

Vanilla-matcha ice cream to cheer me up. 

While we're heading back to the station, we saw little shop that offered us to rent kimono. Well, why not....

Just pretending posing in front of my Japanese house using my kimono.:)
We took a chance to go to Toei Kyoto Studio Park even though it closed at 5 PM. Entering the studio, it will bring you to another era. Actually this place was built as film set and theme park as one.

Apparently during our visit, there was a cos-play event.
It looked like they just popped out from my comic books. 

How can we resist to take picture with handsome guy?


 -to be continued-

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