The Art of Having Lunch

A night before, my Mom told us that we're going to have lunch at Sukoharjo which lies 30 minutes from Solo. She told me that there's a place (we call it warung here) which sells very delicious fried chicken with very very hot chilli (sambal korek). Okay you got me. I am interested because of the sambal korek as I am a chilliholic.

So today, after passed through traffic jam in Solo. Oh yeaah, because of Sekatenan (annual rituals in many cities in Java) and still in vacation aura, there were so many people, cars and motorcycles on the street.

Long story shortened... We finally found the place and when we came in... Oh my God. It was full of people. Looked like there were no empty table. Some of people were eating, some were waiting for their orders.

When we asked one of the waitress, she said to us to just order the food to her and we had to look for a place to sit down by ourselves. Sigh.

I looked around the place and immediately found an empty bench that would fit for all of us. We sat down and looked to people in front of us. Apparently, they had waited for almost 1 hour and had not got their meals yet.
Oh nooo...

We waited soooooo loooooong just to get our drinks. I had to ask the waitress twice to make sure they got our orders right.
After waiting for almost almost 1 hour... Ta daaaa... I got my fried chicken with the famous sambal korek.

Yesss it was delicious, yes it was so so so so hooott and yessss it was quite affordable. But still... I think they need to make improvement in some areas: how to manage the orders, how to clean the tables after the first guests have left, how to remember who orders what and so on and so on.

Well, though it took hours just to have lunch, I will go back again someday and I guess the others will do the same.

We love food and we love good food no matter what. :)

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