Christmas Means Family

If someone asked me what is my favorite month throughout the year, I would definitely answer... December.

December means a lot to me. Since I was 18 years old, I live seperately from my parents. When I was in university, my parents lived in Yogya and moved to Banjarmasin and finally settled in Solo. So, when December came, I went to these towns. Yes, every Christmas I come home to my dear family.

Since I work in Jakarta, it's kinda difficult for me to visit my parents between my works. Usually I take short leaves in certain months and visit them. But, visit them in December in Christmas season is a must.

Why do I love Christmas? Why do I always wait December?
This special month, every Christmas makes my heart warm. I can tell you that  I feel love everywhere.
No, we don't have such things like exchange gifts and become a secret Santa or something like that. We even stop having Christmas tree! I think it's solely because my parents don't want to spend hours to decorate the tree and put in once again in the box. Wasting their time. Hahaaa.

We just go to church in Christmas eve together, have a nice family dinner and do talking and talking and talking about anything. We laugh and we share anything.

This what I really need. My family is my rock, my safety net. They believe in me and I trust them with my heart.

I know Christmas is not the only day I can feel this way, but it still has the 'magic'.
To gather a family, to warm your heart.

So, Christmas means family.
Family means everything.

How do you enjoy your December? How do you live up your Christmas?

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